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@tracycityline May 24, 2012 How do we say goodbye to paradise? TY @NiagarasFinest for an incredible mini-vacay! #HarbourHouse
-Tweeted by Tracy Moore, host of CityLine

@WheresAndrew June 20, 2011 And this, dear friends, is how salmon should be cooked: So good I wanna kiss it. #food
-one of 45 Tweets during his dinner at the Charles Inn by Andrew Evans, Digital Nomad with National Geographic

@dobbernation Nov 5, 2011 just had the most ground breaking meal at the Charles inn, niagara on the lake! you need to add this to your to do list #toronto #foodies
-Andrew Dobson after his dinner at the Charles Inn

@tdaenzer Jun 12, 2012 An absolutely amazing meal at Zee’s Grill in NOTL in Niagara @NiagarasFinest
-Tweet by Tina Daenzer, Senior Features & Entertainment Producer at Canada AM and lover of fine wines.

@AMProducerJen Jun 13, 2012 @Trish_Bradley @NiagarasFinest The staff was possibly the nicest I’ve ever met in Canada.
-Jennifer MacLean with Canada AM after their stay at Harbour House

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