Chef de Cuisine Steve Sperling

Chef Steve Sperling

Chef Steve Sperling began his food career early, working with some of Niagara’s most acclaimed chef’s who influenced his dynamic approach to food. When asked, Chef Sperling describes his food philosophy as “Simple, elevated yet very approachable. I try to let the ingredients speak for themselves and prepare my dishes in a way that is approachable for all diners”. He says that working with such a varied group of chefs has been the most valuable training he could have received: “Every chef brings a different set of skills, a finesse that is unique to them to the table and that has taught me to be diverse in my style but also to be true to myself and my approach to food”.

Chef Sperling, the best part of being a chef is…

“…seeing the evolution of a dish. From the first idea put down on paper, to the preparation of the ingredients, to the final presentation. I also like seeing the growth of the cooks that work with me and how their skills improve and are fine tuned over time.”

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