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The Shaw Spa embraces a nurturing philosophy embodied by a unique menu of body and facial treatments, which utilize natural ingredients.

The focus of the Spa is on three unique products:

Vinotherapy at Shaw Spa


Which uses grapes and wine as a powerful anti-oxidant

Bio-Maple at Shaw Spa


Products that hydrate, exfoliate and protect the skin.

Chocotherapy at Shaw Spa


Cocoa powder’s active anti-oxidants stimulate facial skin for the prevention of wrinkles.


Vinotherapy is a natural extension of Niagara’s wine country. This growing trend in spa services uses grape mixtures to soothe skin and slow the aging process. Vinotherapy treatments seek to maximize the use of antioxidants found in grape seeds and grape skins. Antioxidants are substances that fight free radicals, which are rogue cells produced by the body. It is suspected that free radicals are responsible for a host of maladies but one thing is certain; free radicals attack collagen, the skin’s basic support structure, causing wrinkles and sagging, otherwise known as “the visible signs of aging”. According to a study published in May 2006 in the issue of Free Radical Research, antioxidants are also effective at quelling the effects of free-radical damage caused by UV exposure. At the Shaw Spa, we proudly feature Algologie Products from France. Algologie uses only the finest natural products from the earth and the sea.

Vinotherapy benefits:

– Detoxifying and re-balancing impure skin

– Prevent aging

– Exfoliate, regenerate and smooth the skin

– Nourish and remineralize the skin

Bio-Maple Compound

Another of our featured products comes from a Canadian company, B. Kamins. Bio-Maple compound is a signature ingredient at the Shaw Spa. After more than thirty years of research this product was created by a chemist in Quebec. He developed a method of extracting and purifying a biological compound from select maple trees. The maple sap undergoes two specialized filtration processes to remove all impurities and when complete, Bio-Maple is a pure compound derived from Mother Nature.

What does it do?

Rehydrates – In perfect, undamaged skin, the top layer of skin is a protective barrier that binds water and prevents excess moisture loss. However, environmental factors including sun damage, pollution as well as the skin’s normal aging process cause a breakdown in this protective barrier leading to changes in skin colour, fine lines and wrinkles. Bio-Maple Compound physiologically counters this process by hydrating and helping to repair the skin.

Exfoliates and Protects – Bio-Maple Compound contains pure AHAs and antioxidants that are naturally derived from maple trees. These ingredients are infused into the skin to help speed up the rate at which old, tired skin cells are shed and to combat he visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gently Safeguards – Bio-Maple Compound is gentle on the skin due to its natural pH being similar to that of skin itself. Maintaining the skin’s natural pH safeguards against germs, which constantly battle to invade and cause skin blemishes and irritations.


Many ask: Why is chocolate so good for beauty and well-being?

Cocoa power contains:

Vitamins such as C, D and E for nourishing and hydrating

Polyphenols (antioxidants and anti-radicals) to stimulate anti-aging treatments for aging skin

Mineral salts such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and a little sodium which stimulates cell renewal and combats water retention and cellulite

Flavenoids to promote natural drainage of water retention and break down cellulite

The Benefits of Chocotherapy include:

Active antioxidants to protect and stimulate facial skin for the prevention of wrinkles

Moisturizes and nourishes skin to prevent dehydration and the effects of aging

Tones the body by stimulating natural drainage and combating cellulite

Re-balances impure and toxined skin

Soothes and revitalizes all the senses to promote well-being

Exfoliates and improves rejuvenation of skin

Boutique Products

Vine Secret by Algologie

Developed in France, Vine Secret takes its active ingredients straight from the humble grape, to protect and nurture your skin, keeping the skin younger and more vibrant. Vine Secret offers 6 sensational products. Vine Secret Therapy is targeted to care for devitalized and stressed skin damaged by external aggression, especially pollution and sun. Your skin will be visibly firmed, nourished and regenerated with a powerful cocktail of antioxidants.

Zoya Nail Polish Line

Spa at the Shaw Club features the long wearing Zoya nail polish line. It was founded in 1986 with the focus on the health of natural nails. Zoya Polish is free of Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate, making it a safe polish choice for everyone, including pregnant women.

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