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Rejuvenate at Shaw Spa
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Body Therapies

A Divine Red Wine Wrap
55 minutes – $110
Get ready to unwind and relax. Experience the pleasures of Vinotherapy which will de-stress and rejuvenate while improving circulation and providing antioxidants to treat both body and soul. This luxurious relaxing treatment begins with a grape and wine scrub to rid the skin of any dry skin followed by a warmed red wine hydrating body mask. To finish, a delightful, nourishing, divine body balm.

White Muscat Grape Body Wrap
55 minutes – $110

A luxuriating body treatment designed to moisturize and tone the body. Beginning with a full exfoliation with Piedmont Chianti Grape Must followed by a White Muscat Grape Body Wrap. Ending with a rich and soft Pinot Noir Cream to leave you energized and toned.

Maple Butter Body Wrap
55 minutes – $110
Tantalize your senses! This luxurious wrap begins with a full body Maple Sugar Exfoliation followed by a super rich and hydrating Maple Body Mask with Cocoa and Shea butter to nourish dry, dehydrated skin.

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap
55 minutes – $100
This body treatment is designed to detoxify, firm and deeply hydrate the skin. It includes a Sea Salt Exfoliation, Seaweed Body Mask and a light application of Smoothing Body Butter.

Dark Chocolate Body Mousse Wrap
55 minutes – $100
This luxuriant body mousse works in harmony with the body to help treat cellulite, flush away toxins and stimulate the body’s natural detoxifying systems, leaving a sensation of feeling purified and revitalized. This detoxifying body mousse is rich in the purest cacao, black cayenne pepper (excellent for enhancing the penetration of the other active ingredients), caffeine and distilled aromatic water. Leaving you guilt and calorie free with a nourished and energized body!

Added Bliss: Include a NOURISHING TOUCH FACIAL to any wrap: $50


Grape and Wine Scrub
25 minutes – $65
A gentle yet powerful exfoliator derived from extracts of the grape seed, leaf, stems and wine designed to leave your skin smooth and perfectly hydrated. Treatment is completed with the application of a nourishing body balm.

Chianti Grape Must Body Exfoliation
25 minutes – $65
A full body exfoliation infused with Tuscan Chianti grapes, lavender, honey and jojoba beads, creating a multi-sensory experience. Designed for any skin type, you will immediately notice the visible results of soft, supple skin.

Maple Sugar Body Scrub
25 minutes – $65
A pampering, luxurious, moisturizing body scrub designed to mildly exfoliate while providing vital nutrients to revitalize all skins. The result is a self-indulgent, soothing treatment that leaves the skin hydrated, smoother and more inviting.

Organic Rice Body Polish
25 minutes – $65
A gentle, yet effective natural body polish that will invigorate the skin. Rice bran beads exfoliate surface roughness, enabling jojoba oil and Bio-Maple compound to penetrate, soothe and condition skin. The treatment is completed with the application of warm, vitamin infused moisturizers, leaving the skin renewed and hydrated.

Facial Treatments

Holistic Anti-Aging Facial
55 minutes – $110
Firm, tone, nourish your skin. This luxurious facial is based on natural and organic ingredients, which acts in synergy to combat the effects of harsh environments leaving your skin feeling smoother, more lifted and radiant.

Holistic Hydrating Facial
55 minutes – $105
Quench your dry skin!! This facial will improve the structure and reinforce the barrier function, leaving your skin hydrated with a long lasting moisturizing action. Skin will feel and look younger using the best of organic and natural ingredients.

Holistic Calming Facial
55 minutes – $105
Designed to protect the most sensitive skins from harsh environments, reduce redness and inflammation. All of the natural ingredients have been specifically selected for their high tolerance levels, containing no artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives or alcohol. Your skin will be left with a texture of a softer, smoother and a glowing complexion.

Holistic Purifying Facial
55 minutes – $105
Formulated to rebalance skin by re-harmonizing oil production and reducing imperfections with a gentle micro-exfoliating action. Designed for those skin types in need of a deep cleansing and balancing treatment.

Vinotherapy Facial
55 minutes – $105
A luxurious anti-aging treatment packaged with powerful antioxidants derived straight from the humble grape. Your skin will love this treatment which utilizes the extracts from the grape seed, stem, vine and leaf. Designed to protect and nurture your skin, while keeping its youthful appearance longer.

Milk Chocolate Mousse and Tiramisu Facial
85 minutes – $135
This energizing facial offers antioxidant, protective, nourishing and revitalizing anti-stress properties. Infused with cocoa, vitamins A,C and E, and natural minerals to promote anti-aging benefits. The great natural aroma of chocolate, orange and tiramisu give a multi-sensational experience like no other. Almost good enough to eat!

Gentleman’s Facial
55 minutes – $105
This tailor-made treatment addresses and pampers the specific needs of a man’s skin. It begins with a deep cleansing to rid the skin of impurities, followed by a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage to eliminate all traces of tension and stress. A therapeutic mask is then applied along with a scalp massage which gives a state of calmness and well being. The final touch is the application of a moisturizing or anti-aging cream.

Shaw Club Customized Facial Treatment
55 minutes – $105
A pampering and hydrating facial tailored to individual needs, this treatment will rejuvenate all skin types. A great choice for the facial novice. It combines skin analysis, a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a treatment clay mask. Results are revitalized, smoother, healthier looking complexion.

Nourishing Touch
25 minutes – $60
On the go? Indulge in a cleansing, mild exfoliation and moisturizing mask followed by an appropriate finishing cream.

Choco Express
25 minutes – $60
Indulge in a little bit of chocolate to moisturize the skin. A chocolate milkshake cleansing, a massage with mild chocolate mousse then finish with a tiramisu concentrate.

A la Carte (add to any facial treatment):

Eye Therapy Treatment
A specialized eye treatment that will restore loss of moisture to the delicate eye area, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and decrease the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Lip Therapy Treatment
A specialized treatment that will diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, lighten discolouration on the upper lip area and prepare your lips for a perfect pout. The products used will provide an instant firming effect and counter the visible signs of aging to enhance a youthful glow.

Please note that “Side by Side” facial treatments are available.

Hand & Foot Therapies

Shaw Club Signature Pedicure
55 minutes – $65
Our classic pedicure begins with a warm and fragrant antioxidant foot soak, followed by traditional callous and dry skin removal, complete with nail grooming, and a relaxing foot and leg massage. The finishing touch—a polish application of your choice.

Grape and Wine Pedicure
85 minutes – $80
Add to the Shaw Club Signature Pedicure is a Grape and Wine Scrub to gently exfoliate the feet, a Champagne Fizz Ball to soak your feet in, followed by a Divine Wine Wrap to refresh and revitalize.

Canadian Maple Pedicure
85 minutes – $80
Includes the Shaw Club Signature Pedicure with the added benefits of a Maple Sugar Scrub to exfoliate and a moisturizing Maple Butter Mask.

Because of a concern for sanitation, our luxurious pedicure chairs utilize air jets to ensure that water does not re-circulate.

Classic Manicure
25 minutes – $35
This express treatment includes an antioxidant hand soak, nail trimming and shaping, hand and arm massage, followed by a polish application of your choice, or natural buff.

Shaw Club Signature Manicure
55 minutes – $55
Begins with nail shaping and filing followed by an Aromatherapy soak. Cuticles will then be impeccably groomed. Hand and arm massage follows. Finish with a polish application of your choice.

Canadian Maple Manicure
85 minutes – $70
For those who require extra moisture and hydration. Added to the Shaw Club Signature Manicure is a Maple Sugar Exfoliation and Maple Butter Mask.

Shellac Manicure
55 minutes – $60
World’s first power polish!! 14 day wear with a hybrid polish, no chipping, smudging or breaking. Treatment includes cuticles, shellac colour of choice and hand and arm massage.

Wine Therapy Manicure
85 minutes – $70
An addition to our Shaw Club Signature Manicure is a delightful Grape and Wine Scrub, followed by a Divine Wine Mask. The end result? Beautifully restored hands and nails.

Polish Refresher
15 minutes – $25.00

French Polish

All of our 85 minute hand and foot therapies include an experience of heated boots or mitts to further enhance penetration of product and promote a state of relaxation.

Please note that all of our polish products are formaldehyde free and therefore suitable for sensitive clients as well as those expecting a baby.

Our pedicure chairs offer a shiatsu style massage while feet are treated to an air jet bath.


Shaw Club Swedish Massage
A traditional massage with firm yet calming pressure that improves blood circulation, eases muscle tension and improves flexibility. Your Registered Massage Therapist will use a series of long, gliding strokes, kneading of the muscles, and vibrational taps.
25 minutes – $65
55 minutes – $100
85 minutes – $140

Shaw Club Divine Wine Massage
A cuvée of warmed grape seed oil to further enhance the Shaw Club Swedish Massage.
25 minutes – $70
55 minutes – $105
85 minutes – $145

Aromatherapy Massage
A blend of essential oils designed to enhance Swedish massage.
25 minutes – $75
55 minutes – $110
85 minutes – $145

Deep Tissue Massage
This therapeutic and corrective style of massage helps to strengthen, relax and release the natural restriction of the different connective tissues of the body. The focus is the long-term goal of altering the muscles’ structures and limitations. This massage uses greater pressure than a Swedish massage.
25 minutes – $75
55 minutes – $110
85 minutes – $150

Expectant Mothers Massage
Using our special pre-natal massage table; a gentle full body Swedish massage with a focus on lower-back pain, water retention, and other pre-natal concerns.

25 minutes – $65
55 minutes – $100
85 minutes – $140

Hot Stone Therapy
Hot stones are placed on energy points along the body while other stones are used to massage the body in a rhythmic sequence. This is a deeply relaxing massage used to promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

45 minutes – $105
75 minutes – $145

Learn How to Massage Your Partner
Learn how to touch and relax your partner! One of our Registered Massage Therapists will spend 85 minutes teaching you and your partner the proper techniques of how to relax one another and revitalize your relationship through the art of massage.
85 minutes – $160
Note that due to the instructional nature of the “Learn to Massage your Partner” Massage, Insurance receipts can not be issued.

Warmed Aromatic Hair and Scalp Treatment

A relaxing massage to ease stress and tension as well as treating and conditioning hair with warmed oil.
25 minutes – $60

A gentle therapy that encourages the body to work naturally and restore its own healthy balance through pressure point application of the head, hands and feet.

25 minutes – $60 (feet only)
55 minutes – $95

Almost all massage treatments can be booked as “Side by Side” treatments.

All massage treatments are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.

For extended health coverage, receipts are provided.

Hair Removal

Brow Shaping – $15

Upper Lip – $15

Chin – $15

Arm – $35

½ Leg – $35

Full Leg – $60

Bikini – $25

Wax – $60

All waxing treatments include skin preparation and soothing skin treatments post-waxing.
For all waxing treatments we use a soft cream wax, providing a gentle yet effective method for hair removal.

Just For Him Services

Gentleman’s Facial
55 minutes – $105
This tailor-made treatment addresses and pampers the specific needs of a man’s skin. It begins with a deep cleansing to rid the skin of impurities, followed by a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage to eliminate all traces of tension and stress. A warmed Maple mud is then applied along with a scalp massage which gives calmness and well being. The final touch is the application of a moisturizing or anti-aging cream.

Gentleman’s Pedicure
55 minutes – $60
A bubbling, aromatic foot-bath prepares you for exfoliation with dry skin and callous removal, careful grooming of your feet and toenails finishing with a foot and leg massage.

Gentleman’s Manicure
45 minutes – $45

Indulge in perfectly groomed hands, one of our most valuable assets. Nails are shaped and buffed, cuticles groomed, as well as a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Gourmet Treatments

We have combined some of our most popular treatments just for you. Whether you are coming with a friend, a partner or yourself, we look forward to pampering you. We know you deserve it!

The Canadian Maple
3.5 hours – $275
Discover the moisturizing and anti-aging benefits of Canadian Maple. Designed to soothe, restore and replenish body and mind. Star with a Maple Butter Body Wrap, followed by a Hydrating Maple Facial. A Canadian Maple Pedicure finishes this delicious treatment!

Wine Lovers Special
3.5 hours – $290
Pleasing the palate as well as the body! This package is made for wine lovers! Begin with a Divine Red Wine Wrap, then onto a Vinotherapy Facial and finish with a Grape and Wine Pedicure. Afterwards enjoy a glass of wine next door at Zees Grill. A perfect treatment for couples as well!

The Chocolate Fix

3 hours – $375

Begin this delicious treat with a Milk Chocolate and Tiramisu Mousse Facial, followed by a luxurious Chocolate Oil Massage and finish with a Dark Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap. Leave with Chocolate Truffles and a dozen roses!

Special & Seasonal Treatments – “Fall in Love”

Pumpkin Brule Spiced Body Wrap
Spice up your spirit with this hydrating and revitalizing Pumpkin Body Treatment! The comforting and warm treat begins with an exfoliation of dried pumpkin and raw sugar to rid the skin of any dryness. The body is then wrapped in a warm pumpkin creme brulee mask which will firm and nourish the skin. While wrapped and savouring the treatment your head and scalp is gently massaged. Finally to complete this delectable treatment; whipped pumpkin body butter is applied to moisturize and soothe the skin.!

Pumpkin Pie Pedicure
Ahh….Inhale the aroma!! Your pedicure is enhanced with an Oatmeal and pumpkin scrub to prepare skin for the warmed pumpkin mask to renew and restore dry rough feet. Relax and enjoy as pumpkin butter is massaged on your feet and legs. The pedicure is completed with your choice of polish.

“Chai to Resist” Body Treatment
Fall into complete relaxation!!! Your journey to bliss begins with an application of warm spiced towels to the feet, followed by a relaxing holistic massage. Inhale the aroma of natural Chai body scrub which removes any dry skin. Your body is left soft and supple after an application of warmed Chai Body butter. Just try to resist this treatment!!!

Hot Whiskey Pedicure
Feet are loosened up in a warm buttery nectar milk soak. Nails are timed, callouses removed then feet and legs are buffed and scrubbed with a spike of Whiskey Scrub. It’s finished with Men’s Whiskey Balm. “Warning don’t drink from the bowl!!!”

Cranberry Spice Chutney Wrap
Drench your skin with our fall inspired Cranberry Body Wrap. Relax and inhale the aroma for fresh picked cranberries!! Your treatment begins with a cranberry and soy chutney exfoliant which prepares your skin for the hydrating cranberry body wrap. Feeling completely relaxed, your journey is completed with an application of spiced cranberry body butter to enhance the hydration level of your skin.

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