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Business Meeting Rooms at the Shaw Club

If your business has an appreciation for quality, innovation and style, plan your next corporate event at the Shaw Club in Niagara-on-the-Lake to get a refined combination of all three – and so much more. The Shaw Club Hotel is styled as one of Niagara’s Finest Hotels most modern properties and it’s the perfect corporate venue for businesses who are looking towards the future for inspiration.

With geometric design features, bold colours and clean aesthetics, this hotel is perfect for savvy business owners, their clients and team members. Whether you’d like to host a board meeting or a corporate celebration in our pristine board rooms, our meeting planning specialists will help you choose and customize the venue best suited to your company’s needs.

The Wellington Room

The Wellington Board Room at the Shaw Club in Niagara

Plan a large-scale business meeting in the Wellington Room and sit around our oversized rectangular boardroom table, so each of your contributors can actively engage with one another and their ideas. Take advantage of our board room’s large screen TV, AV equipment and other presentation tools that can be made available during your stay with us.

This is a great space for discussion and strategic planning, and its location within our exquisite hotel means you can enjoy catering from the on-site restaurant. This award-winning kitchen and dining area allows you to experience the very best of Niagara’s culinary ingenuity, so you’ll have lots of brain food to fuel your corporate retreat.

The Picton Room

The Picton Meeting Room at the Shaw Club in Niagara-on-the-Lake

For smaller, more intimate business gatherings, whether to perform strategic planning or to host client meetings, consider the Picton Room at the Shaw Club Hotel. Complete with all the necessities to host your important business functions, the Shaw Club Hotel provides an exceptional business meeting space so that you can focus on your priority items.

Plan Your Next Business Event in a Contemporary Space at the Shaw Club Hotel

Wherever you choose to host within the Shaw Club, our meeting planning specialists will cater to the needs of your company and corporate event attendees. Book a consultation with us today and begin planning an exceptional business event in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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