Benefits of Mulching your Garden

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Mulching is a method of covering your garden with organic material in order to suppress weeds, save water and beautify your garden. Mulch enriches the soil as it decomposes, providing essential nutrients to your plants and improving soil health.

Read on to discover why mulching is so beneficial to creating a vibrant and healthy garden.

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🌼Mulching saves countless hours of weeding if it is used properly. Nature does not like bare soil because bare soil is susceptible to erosion and compaction, therefore nature always likes to have the soil covered to prevent this. So, cover any bare garden soil with mulch or weeds will grow. Less weeds equals healthier plants because there is less competition for nutrients.

🌼Mulching conserves water because it holds in moisture and saves us time and money by not needing to manually water as often.

🌼Mulch provides a healthier soil. As the mulch breaks down over time it increases the organic material in your soil which in turn creates a healthier environment for all the beneficial critters.

🌼Mulch also keeps your garden looking neat and tidy.

🌼The best things to use for mulch in a vegetable garden are hay, straw, leaves, and grass clippings.  Just be sure to obtain your mulch from a reliable source as to not bring in weed seeds with your mulch.

🌼When mulching in flower beds, under trees and in pathways wood chip mulch can be used.  Just be sure not to use wood chips in your vegetable garden as the wood releases too much carbon which is not good for your vegetables.

🌼The final tip for mulching is to make sure whatever mulch you use is thick enough. If it is too thin, the mulch will let sunlight through to the soil and you will have a greater chance of weeds sprouting through.

Weeds are an inevitable part of gardening but by following these few tips it will give you your best chances at keeping weeds at bay!