Mother’s Day Floral Ice Bucket

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Mother’s Day Floral Ice Bucket

If you are hosting a Mother’s Day brunch this year, you might be thinking about which local wine you’ll pick to serve. With this idea from Clipping’s Floral Design, your wine (and table) will be cool and stylish no matter if you serve white or rosé!

Compliments of Clippings Floral Design.

What you will need:

🌸 Large plastic or metal bucket

🌸 Small plastic container

🌸 Pebbles or dried beans

🌸 Water

🌸 Fresh flowers

🌸 Freezer

🌸 Large plate or shallow bowl

How to assemble

  1. Find a large bucket that is approximately the size of an ice bucket. 
  2. For the smaller container, it should be able to fit inside of the larger container with at least an inch between the two containers so there is enough room for the ice/flowers but also large enough for a bottle of your preferred beverage to fit inside.
  3. Go to your garden and collect some flower heads and even a few herbs if you want to add a touch of greenery. Be sure to use flowers that have not been sprayed with any chemicals just to be on the safe side.  If you have nothing in bloom in your garden visit your local florist.
  4. Fill your larger bucket with approximately 2” of water and a few flowers.
  5. Freeze until solid, this will create a good sturdy base.
  6. Next place your smaller container inside the larger container resting on the ice base you have already frozen.
  7. Fill smaller container with pebbles or dried beans to prevent it from floating when you add water.
  8. Add another 2” of water and flowers to the larger container, freeze.
  9. Continue this adding and freezing until you reach the top of the container. The purpose of freezing in layers is so you will have blooms throughout the bucket, otherwise if you tried to do this all in one step all your flowers would float to top.
  10. Your completed bucket can be stored as is in the freezer until just prior to your party.
  11. When ready remove from freezer, allow to warm slightly then remove the pebbles and small container first.  If it is hard to remove just fill the smaller container with hot water and it will melt it enough for the container to slide out.
  12. Next turn the larger bucket upside down to allow the ice bucket to pop out.
  13. Place your ice bucket on a plate or shallow bowl and add a few blooms for decoration around the base. Be sure that the plate your ice bucket is sitting on has enough room to capture water as your ice melts throughout the party.

Now all that needs to be done is add your favourite beverage and enjoy the party with mom!