Vegetables to Plant in Early Spring

Vegetables to plant in early spring
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Get ready to grow your own garden

If you are eager to get a start on your garden this year, remember that these vegetables prefer the cooler weather and can be direct seeded early in the spring.

Consider planting in raised beds as the soil tends to warm quicker, as long as they are in a sunny location, and won’t be as wet and muddy as the garden beds.

Start by removing any old plants or weeds and add fresh compost before sowing the seeds.

Place them in a low dish for a whimsical floating effect.

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🥕 Radishes are the quickest to mature, you can go from seeding to harvest in as little as three weeks if the weather is favourable.

🥕 Lettuce is also very quick to germinate and can be harvested as leaf lettuce when young or left to mature into head type lettuce. It is a good idea to sow continually over a few weeks to stagger your harvest.

🥕 Spinach is very similar to lettuce and can be harvested very young or left to mature.  Just don’t wait too long as it will bolt as soon as the weather becomes hot. Spinach can also be seeded in the fall for an even earlier harvest in spring.

🥕 Peas are another great spring crop. The “old wise tale” is to plant your peas by Easter, this is great in theory however not always practical since Easter moves from March to April depending on the year!  Best to just watch your soil and as long as its not too cold and wet you are good to plant. Plant plenty of peas seeds as the pea shoots are just as tasty as the peas when they are fully developed.

Remember that with all these early crops, even if you end up getting one last snow storm after you have sown, there is no need to worry. Just mulch with straw to regulate the soil temperature and the seeds will germinate when they are ready!